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Child Development

What age do Adult Teeth Come Through
adult teeth

Tips for Child Oral Health Care

Brush Teeth 2 minutes 2x a day
Teaching Your Child to Floss
Source: KoolSmiles
Children's Brushing Checklist (downloadable pdf)
Source: Colgate
Brushing Your Child's Teeth
  • Make sure your child is using proper technique when brushing their teeth
  • Follow up by brushing and flossing after your child has their turn
  • Children's teeth brushing should be supervised until around 8 years of age
  • Make sure your child brushes their teeth for 2 minutes 2 times a day
Family brushing teeth
For more information visit Brushing and Flossing Children's Teeth or Parents - ADA
Cavities the Most Common Childhood Disease
cavities, most common childhood disease
1 Hour to Curb Childhood Obesity
1 hr to curb childhod obesity
Source: Cleveland Clinic
Get the full story Helping Overweight Kids Make Healthy Changes

Children Oral Health Resources

Join the Monster-Free Mouths Movement at!

Mouth Monsters

"With the help of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you can join the Monster-Free Mouths Movement and keep your child’s mouth free of creatures like Ginger Bite-Us, Tartar the Terrible and Tooth D.K.

Tooth decay is the number one chronic infectious disease among children in the U.S., so learn more about this terrifying trio and find out how to banish your child’s mouth monsters for good."

Download the Mouth Monster Defense Kit and get started today!
"American Children's Dental Health"
Children's dental health
Did You Know?

Children's Oral Health Statistics

Children's Dental Health Statistics for the Family
kid's and family dental health statistics
Source: Colgate
Children's Dental Health Statistics
kid's dental health statistics



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